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L&O: CI 9x03 "Broad Channel"

My thoughts/running commentary/quotes/etc. from this week's new Criminal Intent episode, under the cut.

- Opening music - ooookay, then. Different. Then again, they've been changing up the music selections the past couple of years.
- Er, who just died? I was, um, busy typing...*bloggingfail*

- Ahaha, I feel like they need to hold on Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio's opening credit a few secs longer so you can finish reading her name...

- New!Ginger on her phone.
- Rodgers!! Aw, she's adorable and I'm still sad for her and Danny!death.
- New!Ginger is lefthanded! Awesome. I should probably start referring to her as Stevens, but I like writing New!Ginger. Oh, MCS and your never-ending string of gingers (Bishop, Wheeler, Falacci, now Stevens...)

"This has to be one of the oldest, wettest..." WHAT was that, Nichols? Please finish your sentence.

- New captain is all business.
- Ross and Nichols had a few cases out there - Broad Channel, Queens - scene of the crime, hence episode name.

- New captain came from IAB.

- Nichols and New!Ginger interview wife of dead cop. Right. It was a cop who was killed.
- Except Atwater, cop from Queens, is already there interviewing.

- Atwater and Nichols clash from the beginning. Atwater says the 116th precinct will be involved, etc.

Atwater: You okay with that?
Nichols: Actually, I'm not.

- New captain's name is Zoe Callas. So. Zoe and Zach. I can't help giggling.

- Nichols wants a place in Jamaica.
- Wife gets upset about questioning, New!Ginger looks bothered by this.

- Sup, CHIEF? Meet Captain Callas. She is AFFIRMATIVE. Deal with it.

"Major Case detectives do not blunder around." - Callas

- Broad Channel is actually an island off of Queens.

- Mmm, hello Nichols posing by the office door. Yes, please.

- I think I need a Nichols-Stevens icon. Yes.

- Chief of Ds tells MCS to share info with the 116 in Queens.
- They look all depressed about that. Why do they look SO GRIM?

- Marin Hinkle as Moira Doyle. I'm digging her accent. Mother of addict Eddie Doyle.

- Callas goes to the IAB captain for a favor - wants IAB file of the dead cop, Fields.
- Fields was under investigation. Had large # of calls to/from Jackie Dooley.
- Dooley = old school Irish boss, runs Broad Channel.
- Ross and Nichols went after him several times. Couldn't make anything stick.

- Nichols asks to interview Dooley. In Broad Channel.

Callas: You know I can't say yes to that. Technically.
Nichols: Understood.

Okay, I officially like Callas.

- Dooley giving out scholarships randomly reminded me of The Office and "Scott's Tots."

- Ow. Mob boss sent flowers to Ross's funeral; Nichols isn't pleased.

"It's a dark world you must live in, my friend." - Dooley, to Nichols.
- gives Nichols information "out of respect for your departed partner."

Nichols:It's Detective."
Dooley: Oh, yeah? I woulda thought you'd got promoted by now."

Nichols looks so mad at that.

- Okay, I missed an interview w/ Nichols and a prisoner...

- Dooley's old-school, he wouldn't kill a cop.
- Stevens suggests they see who else Fields was "jacking up."

- They go to get files from Atwater.
- Atwater says they have their shooter - Eddie Doyle - druggie son of Marin Hinkle's character.
- He didn't want to get busted again by Fields - motive.

- Atwater and the MCS detectives talk. He at least seems to get along with Stevens.

Atwater: [looking at Stevens] Do you want to go get a cup of coffee?
Nichols: Sure...
Atwater: I wasn't talking to you, sport.

Ahahaha, Nichols got burned.

- Mrs. Doyle was Dooley's secretary - Nichols remembers her.

- Love the cop conference between Nichols, Stevens and Atwater. Really like the guy playing Atwater.

- Interviewing Dooley at MCS.
- Atwater smokes with him. WAT. Ahaha.

- Dooley agrees to wear a wire after a good-old-boys type of chat and smoke with Atwater.

- Nichols is so annoyed at "the game they played." Or is he?
- New!Ginger calls him out on HIS game - righteous indignation for Atwater's benefit - says they're both playing Atwater and Dooley just as much.

I like that she's kind of keeping him in check, esp. w/ the "down to Earth, Nichols" line.

- Dooley gets Mrs. Doyle to tell him where Eddie Doyle is..
- Oh, shit, Atwater gets to where Eddie is first.....
- Eddie Doyle is dead. Atwater killed him.
- Atwater claims self-defense.

Nichols: No question he's dirty. This was all about him.
Stevens: I know.

- Nichols puts pictures and things together to explain the case thus far.

- Stevens suggests food to Nichols to "alleviate depression." HA! She already knows his weakness.

- Stevens: analyzing Mrs Doyle's words to Dooley after she gave up the location. Eddie = Jackie's kid.
- She suggests telling Dooley to get him to flip on Atwater.

- Dooley talking to Nichols. Dooley describes Eddie as a druggie, no-good, etc.
- Nichols tells him Eddie's his son.

- What's with this pseudo-Irishy-serious-weird-music? I'm kinda okay with it.
- Dooley says he doesn't give a damn about Eddie OR Moira.

- Dooley says Nichols has failed to catch him/ make his case again.

Nichols:Well, you did it again.
Dooley: Did what?
Nichols: You did it, without doing it.

- Mrs. Doyle saw it all, now hates Dooley.
- Nichols uses this as leverage against Dooley to get him to flip on Atwater.


Nichols: There's something I've been wanting to say to you since I met you.
Atwater: What? What do you want now?
Nichols: You have the right to remain silent. Sport.


That was possibly one of my favorite CI one-liners ever.

Overall - not super-keen on all of the music throughout, but it wasn't necessarily a bad different. Stevens reminds me a bit of Barek to an extent. I liked that she kept Nichols in check, but I hope they'll give her more to do than they gave Barek. It's obvious that (like Barek) she's supposed to be pretty intelligent - hoping they'll let that show!

And yes, obviously there was a huge cast change and it was epic and the 2-part premiere SUCKED...but this week's episode was pretty good - at the least, decent - in my opinion. It's L&O - life goes on, despite cast changes, whatever the reasons for those changes may be. All the fan fears that the structure of the show would change, or that it would be lighter fare? Totally unfounded. It was a pretty serious episode and the case was relatively easy to follow, but not dumb. Goldblum has gravitas, and it showed. As I already stated, Burrows' character is clearly smart, and I hope that they'll give her more to do. My only worry is that they'll do like they did w/ Barek and keep her in the back, making concerned faces, and not much more. She can act - so let her. Mastrantonio as Capt. Callas performed pretty well, considering the limitations that the Captain role inevitably pose. But she IS a Tony-award winner, so once again it looks like the show is benefiting from NYC's theater actors, at least.

In conclusion (haha, this all came out way more essay-like than intended) - I'll definitely keep on watching.
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