~*Cassandra*~ (polkadotsnplaid) wrote,

Linus Roache community

So today as I was eating breakfast (okay, okay, it was breakfast food in the afternoon), I thought to myself, "I should make a Linus Roache comm.  It could be called...linusroache."  I went about my business and at one point this afternoon decided, hmm, I should search LJ user interests and see if such a comm already exists!...and lo and behold, one DID...so I joined, and saw that it was sort of small so far and relatively newly made. I introduced myself to the mod and offered my help...and she made me co-mod! 


Now that I've spent part of the evening playing with my new toy (because seriously, each LJ and LJ comm I am allowed to play with, graphics-wise, is totally like a toy for me...or maybe it's Photoshop CS3 that's the toy...), come check it out:


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